I wanted to build a simple application that would allow people to take control of their personal finances with principles of user convenience and ease of use in mind. It was meant to serve as a response to the overcomplicated applications that are used by others, cutting back on arcane features to focus on what matters in personal portfolio management.

What it does

It is a web application which serves as a useful tool of core features that gives users the bare necessities for keeping track of their finances and assets. Users are registered into a common system through accounts, from which they can view their current assets in terms of stocks on the market and their current cash reserves. From their portfolio, users can trade by selling varying amounts of stock they own and buying new stocks based on current market prices. Users can also make quotes about market prices for specific stocks by ticker symbol and keep track of their transaction histories.

How I built it

The application was built using a Python Flask web framework, with SQLAlchemy used as a supplemental framework to support database queries needed to perform trading transactions. Elements of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS were also used to render the bulk of the web application web pages and other relevant templates.

Challenges I ran into

There were times in which I had struggled to incorporate some of the more complex web browser rendering elements into the application, with some difficulties in properly generating the pages initially.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

For the most part, the web application was a great achievement as I was able to construct a working implementation of the idea that I had set out to build in the form of a personal finance assistant. I was able to successfully integrate many backend frameworks and functionalities with frontend development elements, creating a full-stack experience.

What I learned

I learned much about the principles of full-stack development, leveraging my knowledge of backend web frameworks and databases with principles of frontend design and features.

What's next for Prismo

Potentially, more features may be added to help augment the personal finance experience for users, including expanded portfolio management functionalities with regards to not only stocks but other types of financial market assets. There is also a chance that the application will be bolstered with additional features related to financial news reports.

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