We were inspired by Pokemon Snap and Fatal Frame 2's use of a camera within the game to capture a given image. We thought it would be fun and intuitive to create a virtual augmented reality (VAR) with a similar concept of these games.

What it does

We are utilizing virtual reality (VR) to put the player into a world of our creation where they can pick up a tablet and walk around seeking the given prism. The player will look through this tablet and be able to see the true identity of an object, whether it exists or not, in an alternate universe. The goal is to find the given object until the player finds them all.

How we built it

We used Unity for the bulk of our building and used supporting C# code. We started by building a terrain as well as our prism shapes. Then we mapped out our spheres and created our tablet and alternate universe. Finally, we put it all together and added extra features.

Challenges we ran into

Gene- Trying to keep everyone out of the same scene when we first started. We also had issues getting the Oculus Rift to work properly with Unity. Setup was a bit of a hassle. Had issues with getting around collisions in the world. I think we may have relied too much on colliders for problem solving. Michael - aligning edges & vertices of polygons, especially with more complex shapes such as pentagons. Jada- trying to integrate a 3D spline with the pathfinder object and fix the many bugs throughout. Rishy- trying to make a cohesive terrain level that wouldn't be destroyed after every new github commit change.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our major accomplishment was successfully building a VR environment and working with a dedicated team. We were also proud of getting the 2nd camera (tablet) to work quickly as well as generating cool-looking fractals and being able to finish our project on time!

What we learned

VR with Unity was definitely new for everyone, so we were able to learn how to integrate and develop for it. This was the first time we all have worked in developing a VR environment and Unity was relatively new for some team members. This experience also taught us about the value of being prepared and the grit needed to grind through our work.

What's next for PrismFinder

We'd like to implement more levels, unique interactions- such as making the seek & find component more engaging, making a mission-based system with objectives, and more objects.

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