We were inspired by the stress we go through when we forget to write down our school assignments. A program that contains school assignments and project and sorts them for you makes it so much easier for someone to be able to handle their assignments whilst being able to stay calm and collected.


We decided to code in Python because, well, that's the only language we know, but we made it work. We held a 5-minute session where we all individually brainstormed ideas and came up with a school planner with a fun twist, algorithmic sorting of assignments based on user input.


Oh man, being high school freshman, we don't have an enormous amount of experience in code, really limiting our ability here. We had quite a few difficulties we were able to overcome; however, I think the hardest was how we stored multiple events under the same day in the calendar. We ended up resorting to a sneaky trick and made new .txt files so that the events can easily be stored by using the date inputted.

How the program works

The user creates an account/signs in (Password stored as a sha-512 hash) and from there, their calendar is made. They can add and view current and future events, telling the program the length, or estimated length, of the assignment, so it can use its _ state of the art _ algorithm to tell you when to do your homework and projects.

Built With

  • energysourcedentirelyfromcoffee
  • python
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