Philosophy: Prioritize always puts your needs first. It values your time and allows you to achieve the most possible on a given day by organizing tasks by efficiency. Based on your current location, store hours, and an analysis of the other tasks on your to-do list, it finds the most efficient order of tasks. For example, if you have Costco and Safeway both in your task lists, and Costco closes first, it will put Costco at the top of the list. This guarantees that you will not only save time, but also ensures that you will not arrive to a store when it is closed. That way, you have more time to do what you want to do, without having to worry about another task on the list for tomorrow, and finish your tasks as efficiently as possible.

Execution: Parse was used to store accounts and events, such that it can be accessed across any device. iOS: Apple MapKit's API was used in order to grab the GeoLocation of the user, and Google Place's API was used to gather store hours. Web: HTML5 Geolocation's API was used to retrieve the GeoLocation of the user, and Google Place's API for store hours.

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