PrintPanda printing service web app.

All over the world there is still unbelievably lot of buerocracy that requires paper documents. But people don't have printers at home anymore because all the printing that was necessary, happened in The Office. Well not anymore.

The idea is to ask corner shop print houses to join platform, entering their location and print price for b&w two-sided A4 paper printing.

Then users can upload a document, share their browser location with us and find a matching print houses where to send the document for printing.

Print house received the work order, prints the doc and marks as finished with final price. Then user goes there, pays for the service and is happy.

Future versions: one-sided print, color print, payment option through print panda, API for other apps to connect to our print service platform (open MS word, choose Print Panda, pay, print and get your doc).

Team: product: me and full stack dev (front+php) Jhony Souza. At least one more dev, ideally also designer needed. PM

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