Wanted to learn about fingerprint matching. For the first half of the event, I tried to build a program that would encrypt files with GPG using the fingerprint as a passphrase. This proved to be an engineering problem beyond the scope of the event, because any two consecutive fingerprints are at least subtly different and thus were not useable as a consistent passphrase.

For the second half of the event I wanted to apply fingerprint matching in a non cryptographic context.

What it does

The project I am submitting applies fingerprint matching to load a different website for each finger -- a "speed dial" with your hands.

How I built it

Windows VM captures images from fingerprint device

Images synced to Mac

Minutiae detection with open source NIST Biometric Image Software

Challenges I ran into

Fingerprints were hard to consistently match. I started doing some post processing on the images to make the ridges and valleys more clear, but soon realized it was a hard problem to attack on my own for the scope of the hackathon. The NIST software I leveraged implements methods based on years of research.

Windows-Mac syncing wasn't too elegant. I'd like to see a mac compatible driver for the fingerprint sensor.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned about a new field I had not explored before!

What's next for Print The Internet

Publish online and improve performance if a Mac driver is released!

Built With

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