What it does

The leap motion controller tracks hand gestures and movements like what an actual DJ would do (raise/lower volume, cross-fade, increase/decrease BPM, etc.) which translate into the equivalent in the VirtualDJ software. Allowing the user to mix and be a DJ without touching a mouse or keyboard. Added to this is a synth pad for the DJ to use.

How we built it

We used python to interpret gestures using Leap Motion and translating them into how a user in VirtualDJ would do that action using the keyboard and mouse. The synth pad we made using an Arduino and wiring it to 6 aluminum "pads" that make sounds when touched.

Challenges we ran into

Creating all of the motions and make sure they do not overlap was a big challenge. The synth pad was challenging to create also because of lag problems that we had to fix by optimizing the C program.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually changing the volume in the VirtualDJ using leap motion. That was the first one we made work.

What we learned

Using the Leap Motion, learned how to wire an arduino to create a MIDI synthesizer.

What's next for Tracktive

Sell to DJ Khaled! Another one.

Built With

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