PrimeTime is a platform that connects sports fans! PrimeTime is a platform that connects sports fans in global and local regions. Due to the current COVID19 Pandemic and the social restrictions that were placed globally, sports fans have been unable to bond and discuss their favorite teams/sports/athletes with other fellow fans to cheer on their teams in local venues or restaurants. As avid sports fans ourselves, we were incredibly disheartened to not be able to engage with other fans like in the past. Therefore, this platform was created to allow sports fans like ourselves to stay engaged with the fan community.

What it does

Primetime allows you to view a social map of other sports fans locally and around the world to view their sports interests and shows you a feed of live scores where you can discuss your favorite team, athlete, or sport with other fans.

How we built it

We utilized API-Football to create a live scores feed where users can view live scores and talk with other fans. We also used the Google Maps API to create the social map of fans where users can identify where other sports fans are located and what team/sports/athletes they are interested in. The frontend used NextJS/React and the backend used Firebase/Firestore.

Challenges we ran into

We initially planned to use the arcGIS API to create the social map, but we ran into a ton of issues integrating that with Firebase, and unfortunately, even the Esri mentors were unable to diagnose our issue, so we had to make a very late switch to the Google Maps API. Additionally, none of us had ever worked with NextJS or firebase previously, and only one team member had a little experience with react, so we had to pretty much learn as we went along! Additionally, we all live in different time zones and have other ommitments to attend so sometimes communication was delayed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Managing to get something working
  • Learning new technologies like Next.js and Firestore
  • Getting the social map working
  • Being able to collaborate across multiple time zones

What we learned

  • Time management is key!
  • Always have a plan B in case something goes wrong
  • How to use NextJS, React Hooks, Google Map's API, and Firestore
  • How to effectively communicate with teammates

What's next for PrimeTime

We want to add additional social functionality to let users friend each other and develop the social location aspect of it more too. We had a bunch of ideas that we didn't have the time to implement. For virtual interactions, we can add features such as chatbox and feed reposts. We also want to promote more in-person interactive features for post-COVID activities such as creating friendly local tournaments and offline fan meetups.

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