Improper Health Care in society

What it does

We will help keep track of the health of the entire city through our application . If any user has got some sever health issues , he will be warned. At the end of the year , government can organize a health bootcamp for those who got more than 3 warnings. What exactly our application does is , people have to register and upload their health card data every 3 months and it would be mandatory and hence we can track their health .Now depending on their health , feedbacks would be given and if someone has a health condition not very good and continues to be so for 3 feedbacks , he would be asked to attend the bootcamp. And not only this , this application will also open a large number of opportunities since tracking everyones health , requires a large workforce or may be if we can desgin an algorithm that can do so itself, still employability will increase

How we built it

Tech Stack - Front end- React Js Bootstrap REDUX AXIOS Backend - Node Express server , Mongodb database

Challenges we ran into

We faced a lot of challenges while deploying and we are not able to properly deploy it.It's working on our local server , but not properly when deployed

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got to learn MERN stack, though we have worked before but never worked llike this as a team and for such a long duration . It was really fun.

What's next for Prime Health

Next we are thinking of adding more features which we were not able to due to time constraints, Also we are thinking of making it as a new way to help the people and opening up more jobs through this

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