An NFT is, in essence, a collectible digital asset, which holds value as a form of cryptocurrency and as a form of art or culture. NFTs are taking the world by storm and generative or scalable arts especially using a programming language (in automated way) are becoming the focus of investors as well as digital art collectors.

Art Concept

Braille is a form of written language for blind people in which characters are represented by a pattern of (raised) dots that can be understood by sense of touch. Prime numbers on the other hand are unique natural numbers that are only divisible by themselves and hold a certain value in cryptography as well. Combining these two using a minimal art concept and using color pellet adapted for color blindness is as valuable as Braille, as unique as prime numbers and as inclusive as adapted color pellet.

What it does

Motivation behind this NFT project is to raise awareness for visually impaired people and allow organizations, individuals and support groups to use these digital collectibles (once moved to marketplace) as a fund raisers for more inclusive world.

How I built it

This project is built using Python3 and image processing library Pillow. A minimal digital-art is generated using a combination of trait layers including font-family, prime-number and a color-pellet.

Challenges it (will) ran into

How do we limit the number of collectible and on what basis is one the challenge. Should we further take a subset or add some text or names to it is also decisive in the linger run. Art is believed to be subjective, therefore acceptability on a marketplace might raise a concern over initial investment.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

I am happy to combine subjects from different areas into a minimal art and trying to raise an awareness for a more inclusive world.

What I learned

Before this project, I had no idea about NFTs, generative or scalable art, smart-contracts and even Braille. I have learned all these concepts while implementing an MVP which has a potential to evolve into a full market place and used by stakeholders to raise millions for a special cause.

What's next for Prime Braille - NFT Art Concept

Since this art is in a concept phase and can be improved using a more crisp business logic. Then, it can be easily ported into on-chain using smart-contracts. This project can serve as a template for many coherent ideas revolving around minimal art, generative python images, using braille as an art or prime numbers as infinite sequence

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