It is the people, product and process that helps solve real world customer problems and thus influence business success People are the prime movers of business. With one Global village and growing complexity of systems and teams , the talent acquisition, daily workflows, remote working, meetings, product development, customer support, one on ones, fun and team building events, audits and compliance are becoming more challenging for the company. This in-turn effects employee engagement, audit and process compliance and business activities leading to impact on retention and business

What it does

Prima solutions enables transformation of business. With workflow and customizable configurations , the solution can be addressed to similar work areas, keeping the core system same and customization to enable differentiation.

The system tracks the workflow of an employee . It leaves traces from her chat, meetings, systems she interacts with for the workflow automated system to react based on the traces. Zooming into the life of dory a product developer. Dory has to interact with talent acquisition, her workflow meetings, product development, product/customer support, One on One meetings with her manager, fun events , tech events she attends etc. The system tracks her behaviour, automates and feeds data to respective product, people and process management system. Dory - gets a personal assistant.

  • it automatically tells her task update for yesterday ( 24hrs updates to tasks closed by her), last task she worked on , this will be automatically displayed in her daily progress dashboard. ( her task completion in one system can reflect updates in all other systems, her project tracking, time tracking, task tracking in dependent systems etc and update her 24 updates on the next day reporting system)
  • it also gives reminders for her to send to , and followups she needs to act on.She can give voice commands to prima solution and it shall take care of the action --> send reminders, schedule meetings or reports
    • Talent acquisition - quality candidate
    workflow meetings - automated and effective, creates meeting tasks in the meeting task workspace, sends reminds, helps track dependencies and risk analysis product development - low cost, quality product, quicker time to market . Hence gets time for innovations Product customer support- Predictive analysis , deep customer product insights and needs one on ones --> learning, coaching, promotion/succession plan HR---> Employee engagment, wellness and retention.

Product Audit and compliance teams -->people, product, process The system notifies and triggers alarms in case of deviations to the process owner continuosing, and reporting helps the audit teams.

Engagements scores on the people, product and process gives overview of the company performance. This analysis helps in procative in taking people, business , strategic decisions. All these influences business value just by tracking one employee dora.

How we built it

Our team was formed at the fag end of the hackathon. We came together understanding our skills and glanced on the available tools summary. We then brainstormed with our daily work issues and real world problems to check if there is any solution we can get from the products given. We started with making ourself familiarising about the product.

We also had an understanding that workflow based solutions everything if made modular, we can plug and play depending on the configurable workflow solutions needed

We also listed the areas and challenges that we might be interested and the product features like usability , accessibility, observability, discoverability, logging, monitoring, tracing and tracking.

It was very interesting to start with knowing about, and its market place extensions (especially voicemed was very interesting). We moved to explore Click up . click up was super good and easy flowing, with nice on-boarding and simple User friendly UI, we even tried to use for our tasks. Postman API’s were very helping in navigating the API’s while the documents were very informative. Harness CI/CD pipeline was very intuitive and easy to understand and use. We then moved to hear a session of skyflow conversations of the CEO explaining the principles behind the product and importance of it and got into the tool. Webhookie was interesting as product developer to see how they have made it developer friendly. We explored bridgescrew and other products. HackerRank was very effective tool for talent acquisition. Even though we heard about it before. We got a chance to explore the API’s We tried to develop investigation tasks for each of the tool to see its benefits. Then we again came together to generalize system development.

We did a quick POC, we created tasks in our Clickup API workspace

We noticed that from the user end, we might have to collect inputs from text,
voice, tools ( we figured out API’s for these)

Any feature request from the user end might need to have transfer To get Post Connect to sockets Stream etc At the python gateway , we connected to the systems to address the workflow related requests

We figured out using the SDK’s, API’s we could use symbol, agora

We wanted to quickly deploy using harness Then we explored skyflow and bridge screw We want to see how to link with webhookie

We came up with a configurable workflow based orchestration idea in mind

Challenges we ran into

We noticed some feature needs, we then discovered that they were in the roadmap of the product or if they were not there we thought of adding it to the list. Also, We were a new team formed from devpost at the fag end of the hackathon from three different geographies - Sweden, US and India. Time zones was challenging to go through our tasks and also to collaborate. We still wanted to enjoy the journey and analysis of the API. We had document sharing between us, where we recorded learnings of any tool and this helped another person to pick it up. But we are happy with the products and learnings from the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learnt about new systems. We analyzed the API in a short time and also recorded our observations. We will be sharing our observations and developer experience with the respective teams.

What we learned

We were new to most of the products. We had learnt about the products, their techniques, history of evaluation and their impact and the API/product features.

What's next for Prima solutions

We shall be sharing our observations (features requests, improvements etc) with the respective product teams We also discuss to come together to use some tools and do a work flow configurable solution. So that it can be customized to industry/domain and customer Also, one of us help with remote schools education for 5 schools for children who are school drop outs or children of migrant workers . Interesting to see how the products work to see if this can be extended further for CSR for education for the school product we had in mind. While doing this hackathon a lot of ideas popped up, we will explore to see if we can explore a product to improve seller experience of products for accessibility

Built With

  • agora
  • bridgecrew
  • clickup
  • flutter
  • hackerrank
  • harness
  • k8s
  • lumigo
  • python
  • react
  • skyflow
  • webhookie
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