We started with the idea of creating an app that incentivized environmental volunteering, and the idea quickly grew into an app that offers incentives for any type of volunteering in your local community. The whole goal is to increase local community engagement while contributing to the common good.

What it does

Any company or person can request volunteers through the app, and upon successful completion of the volunteer activity, the requester will tip users in-app currency called Leaf, whose transactions are managed by the blockchain technology offered by Algorand. Once users accumulate enough Leaves they can exchange them for incentives like coupons and discount codes for local companies.

How I built it

Used react-native to build a front end UI. This was done in conjunction with the plan of building a Node.js backend for user authentication and the Algorand blockchain.

Challenges I ran into

We had never used react-native before so the navigation between pages was very confusing. However, a decent UI was still able to be built. The Algorand setup was also tricky because of the token and node module setup.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Happy that a base front end was completed and that my team worked well together. Very happy that we had a decent idea and something to submit.

What I learned

Obviously blockchain is very complicated, but when you use Algorand's innovative PaaS the difficulty of a baseline model is manageable for student developers.

What's next for Prim

Implementing the reward system, hopefully using discount codes or coupons from sponsors. Implementing geolocation services so we can better suggest volunteer opportunities to users.

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