I built this bot to not only show my love of Discord but to express myself. My sexuality and LGBT+ identity is a big thing for me and I find it important to express my true self and my pride for who I am at every given chance, for this reason I made this bot to show off who I am while showing off my skills!

What it does

This bot has simple API connections that run on Autocode to connect into discord and send messages there, the bot automatically updates it's status to show how many servers it is in, this is updated once per day. The bot has a pride month countdown feature, this can be activated with !pridecount to show an exact time to the second on how many days it is until June 1st - uses countdownjs ( through NPM! The bot also has a feature to welcome every new member to the Discord server and make them feel welcome, this is followed by a short message teaching them how to use the Prideful Discord bot. Another command the Prideful Bot supports is the !pronouns command, this can be used in the format !pronouns pronoun/pronoun and will update the Discord user's nickname to username pronoun/pronoun replacing those words with the accurate data

How I built it

I built this project using my basic understanding of JavaScript and Node.JS, this supported me to use Autocode's lib API and also connect to external NPM packages, I connected a Discord bot profile using Autocode's simple linking feature and then created endpoints in the easy to use Autocode editor to get functions working.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into quite a few challenges, but nothing is impossible so I kept working! I found difficulties in Discord's privileged intents options but resolved these by removing and re-inviting the bot to repopulate any missing permissions. I also found difficulty using the countdown PAI at first, but I kept trying and found the solution I needed to be able to fix the issues I was facing!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm really proud of everything I learned and the challenges I overcame throughout, I problem solved throughout and looked for the most imaginative and functional ways to implement new features into the Prideful bot and this is something I'm really happy to have achieved!

What I learned

Throughout this challenge, I learned to think critically and to really dive into the possibilities of autocode. This was a really exciting challenge and I enjoyed it massively. I learnt a lot more about JS than I already knew and it has positively affected my coding ability!

What's next for Prideful Bot

I think I may try to develop Prideful to be a fully fledged discord bot available publicly so that the world can celebrate LGBT+ pride together!

Built With

  • autocode
  • countdownjs
  • stdlib
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