Menstruation is a biological function; it’s not a “woman thing.” It’s an experience that can be highly variable, and mean different things to different people. It’s not necessary to gender body parts or bodily functions. We can demystify and destigmatize menstruation without shutting anyone out. In many parts of India itself, a cis-woman who encounter periods faces ridicule and restrictions from those who have little idea as to what she is undergoing, mentally or physically. If this is how women are treated, imagine stretching any form of acceptance to those who are transgender or non-binary.

What it does

A small step towards taking the topic of menstruation beyond gender. PrideBleed is an app prototype hoping to become a peer guided platform for people of all sexualities to take the conversation forward.

A few of the things you can do with :

  • Forum: People from all backgrounds and genders are welcome to come forward and share their stories with the community. This will not only help them feel empowered and important but also inspire the deprived sections of the LGBTQ+ community to open up against societal taboo.
  • Track Cycle: A customized calendar format tracking feature. Due to time constraints, the feature is half done and offers future scope to this project.
  • ChatBot: The bot will help answer basic FAQs and queries of user and will also be customized to direct a sophisticated query it can't answer to a useful resource. Due to time constraints, the feature is still not integrated and provides future scope to this project.

How we built it

The App prototype is built using Android Studio in Java language, with Firebase for authentication and as backend. The app also uses Dialogflow for chatbot integration, however, this feature is not active yet due to time constraints.

Challenges we ran into

The crucial part of the project was the integration of the DialogFlow chatbot with the Android interface. Due to the time constraints, I faced major hardship in integrating the FAQ chatbot with Android Dashboard Fragment which will be a crucial feature of the app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am very proud to have worked towards a topic that is not highlighted in the mainstream and many people are not aware of. Menstruation is often only attributed to women, which is unjustified and creates a taboo that has to be tackled. I am also proud of implementing a good User Interface in such a short period of time.

What we learned

I learnt how to use fragments in Android Studio along with an interactive bottom navigation drawer. I also attempted to learn how to make a chatbot using DialogFlow. I was initially successful in training a chatbot FAQ model but integrating it with the Fragment UI of Android posed a real challenge.

What's next for PrideBleed

PrideBleed is a prototype for now and still in its initial phase. The immediate future goals of the project include successfully integrating the chatbot feature and making it functional. This being the priority, the next step would be towards making the forum functional and interactive for the user. The main aim would be to ultimately make it available for the community and let the conversation about menstrual sensitisation and LQBTQ+ right begin.

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