Each community/group that is formed is a result of connection between the people. People from across the world are part of different communities and they come together every year to support a cause, to spread love and have a good time. The LGBTQ+ community is no different. A group of amazing human beings who come together every year to raise awareness about the cause they are fighting for and to spread love. We see parades and big carnivals every year and we see people from different parts of the world joining in the celebration. Even after all this, there is still less education about the whole movement and what it stands for in different parts of the world. Moreover, the opportunities for the artists from the community are usually narrowed down in lots of places. We wish to tackle all these problems through our solution. We wish to create awareness about the movement and help the people from the community in spreading awareness about this whole movement as well as give the designers and artists from the community a platform to showcase their art and earn by doing so .

What it does❓

Pride Store is an online Merch store that was built as an Mobile Application. A person can come and create an account after which they can go and purchase some merch to represent and support the LGBTQ+ community. The App allows users to go through a huge catalog of items such as apparels, mugs and much more that they can purchase. Every purchase that takes place, a part of it goes into supporting the LGBTQ+ community and helping them in spreading their message. This not only helps those that are already the part of the community but also lets people from outside the community rep the merch and be an ally. Artists in the community don't really get a lot of exposure in the world and we help them by letting their art be seen by the world through the products on Pride Store. If you are an artist and wish to sell your designs and showcase your art to the world, you can do so on Pride Store by uploading your designs and negotiating a suitable price for the designs. The designer get 100% of the amount they ask for without any cuts! All these steps help us in creating awareness about the community and also helps us extend support to the cause as an ally.

How we built it🖥

The whole application is built using Flutter and Firebase. We started off by creating our prototype on Figma. The goal was to build something that would make it easier for people to use the application and wanted to make it as intuitive as possible. Once we had our designs ready, we started working on our application. We built out all the front end from scratch using Dart and Flutter and for things such as authentication or taking designs from users, we used Firebase and Firestore as Backend.

Challenges we ran into🔴

After the designs were made the main part started and that was to build the application. The application had to be built using flutter which none of us knew. We had never written a single line of dart code before this hackathon which made things a little slow in the start. We also ran into some issues in taking inputs from the user and uploading them to firebase as this too was completely new for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of🌟

Coming from ML and Web development backgrounds, we had no idea how to write code using dart but we still wanted to build a mobile application so we went with flutter and we were able to write the whole application along with connecting the firebase back end and we are super proud of completing this whole application.

What we learned📕

To make the app we had to basically learn as well as apply what we learnt, so we had to learn Flutter and how things worked in Dart and using that we had to build the application. We also had to learn how firebase worked and integrating it with application to get user auth data and also the files that the user would upload.

What's next for Pride Store🚀

Pride Store was built to support the LGBTQ+ community and we are planning to bring in more categories such as books by writers from the community and basically building things that would help in making people from the community more discoverable. One of our goals is to make the app production ready and post in playstore so that it is more accesible to the people and for that we would also like to add in a payment gateway for taking payments from users.

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