I wanted to create something that represented me, that no matter who you are or how you identify, no matter how small you think you are showing pride is always the right thing to do. Since I was a little I liked mice/rats so that's what I wanted to make for the base of the design and as for most of the colors I wanted to base it off of the Philadelphia Pride flag that crosses the traditional 6 rainbow colors with 5 additional to represent more than just the LGB in LGBTQIA+

What it does

Its a shirt with a dope mouse on it.

How we built it

Using a basic needle, an embroidery hoop, and a plain white shirt, and 12 different kinds of DMC thread.

Challenges we ran into

This is my first time embroidering, I have done a little bit of cross stitch before hand so learning the ropes was a bit of a challenge. Also working with a shirt is a frustrating as there are so many times where I accidentally stitched the inside of my shirt together and did not realize it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm really happy that I made the design by scratch and I like how the design overall came out.

What we learned

Use stencils to sketch, I cannot draw a perfect circle (especially on cloth) and having neat lines definitely helps guide hands.

What's next for Pride Mouse Stitch

I want to start embroidering more of my things now that I know how much fun it is! I really want to try and make some of the power ups and collectables form Mario Odyssey because it is one of my favorite games.

Materials Used

6- inch hoop DMC # 535 (Grey) DMC Black DMC #666 (red) DMC #307 (yellow) DMC #3837 (purple DMC #971 (Orange) DMC #3846 (Light Blue) DMC #158 (Navy Blue) DMC #699 (Green) DMC White DMC #3688 (Pink) DMC #3857 (Brown)

Built With

  • blood
  • dreams
  • thread
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