We were inpirsed by the lack of education about the history of many pride flags.

What it does

TWO MAIN FEATURES: -FLAG GUESSING GAME Fun, interactive way to learn how to identify different pride flags -FLAG SCANNER interactive way using AR, to identify and learn the history of pride flags.

How we built it

We first used a swift kit to create the main interface then we added more UI design and customized the app to our liking. For the AR component, we used Swift Story board to code a camera feature, then we also wrote some code to connect the firebase with the data of the pride flags (definitions, history links) and linked it to our app. Then with the help of an additional AR application, we were able to fully prototype our AR component.

Challenges we ran into

Being new to swift, we had trouble with the customizations at first.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of building a fully functional game as well as a full AR prototype.

What we learned

We learned how to customize images in Swift UI as well as how to better use Swift overall.

What's next for Pride Flag Game/Scanner

We hope to add more lesser-known pride flags to our app.

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