Teachers have a variety of problems that most of us are never aware of, and planning lessons is just one of those that becomes increasingly difficult when the teacher may not have peers at their school.

What it does

Pride connects educators together based off their lesson plans so that they may both receive feedback but also give back.

How we built it

By using IBM Watson, Pride analyzes any kind of text document - PDF, docx, HTML - and extracts the key values from so that it may add them to a collection of similar lesson plans. Afterwards, we use Cisco Spark to at the moment only provide comments through a web interface, but this opens up the possibility for more devices but still one central platform.

Challenges we ran into

We started with an MEAN stack, but we ended up having to abandon that due to a struggle to understand for all of us. Moving to python we encountered sparse documentation, and had to write customer API wrappers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The project came together! And for half of us this was our first hackathon and for those of us who have been to more it was an enjoyable group learning experience.

What we learned

Continue hacking, learning doesn't have to stop today.

What's next for Pride

Flesh out the integration and publish it to the web!

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