Pricely for Hack the North

Inspiration and what it does

Don’t you hate it when you’re at the store, and you don’t know if you are getting scammed or ripped off? Well, for some our team, this was a fact of life that our parents would make us write down the name of the product they wanted to buy and reference online later. We built our app Pricely to allow people, like our parents, to simply take a picture of what you want to buy and we'll use a combination of machine-learning and cross-reference.

With our app there’s no more need to look research before hand or cross reference every single store, we do that all for you with a touch.

How I built it

We built Pricely with node.js and html. We originally tried to build an app, but ran into errors. Our server utilizes a 3step process that first checks existing data by comparing it to our database.

Challenges I ran into

What I learned

Don't update to the latest builds right before a hackathon because dependencies might break.

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