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Online shopping can get tedious with so many websites to choose from. We wanted to create a solution that brings you the best deals from the most popular sites.

What it does

  • Our Priceless API sends you the best deals from popular online shopping websites based on your budget
  • A Telegram bot making use of the Priceless API makes searching for products easy and convenient.
  • Inviting the bot to your Telegram group makes online shopping a social experience!

How we built it

  • Python 3
  • python-telegram-bot
  • Web crawling and HTML parsing
  • A lot of googling

Challenges we ran into

  • Figuring out how to filter unwanted search results.
  • Some websites have inconsistent HTML formatting, which made extracting their data a pain in the ass.
  • Internet connection was inconsistent which caused countless errors when we were testing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It actually works!

What we learned

  • HTML parsing
  • Teamwork
  • How to use Python libraries

What's next for Priceless

  • Give users the ability to select the sources for their search queries
  • Track a product, notifying the user of better prices as soon as they appear

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