We're broke college students who like to look good. Have you ever shopped online and thought that you liked something but thought you should wait until the item goes on sale? You might go back to the website of the store to look for the item, which happens to be at the 7th page, but it turns out they’re all gone. The item had already been on sale for a week once you returned to the site. Or maybe the item had your size at the beginning of the sale but you returned too late. And wasn’t it annoying to have to look through every page for the item until you stumbled upon it at the 7th page? We wanted to find a way to make online shopping easier and more accessible by allowing users to save the products they like to the app, while the app tracks the product prices and notifies the user when the they have dropped.

What it does

The primary purpose of the app is to save the webpage of a product sold through the company's website, track the product price, and notify the user when the price has fallen. These webpages are saved under the "My Items" tab bar of the app. Other functionalities include a trending view for different fashions and other products that people are saving to the app as well as an explore view which allows the user to search through different stores' websites.

How we built it

In order to build the User Interface, or the front end of our app, we used Swift on Xcode. For the backend, we used Python. We used Firebase to parse through the data of a website of the user's choosing. For the most part, we took graphics directly from the main page of popular shopping sites, as this reflects the types of images and products we would want to display in the finalized product.

Challenges we ran into

Since we were completely new to swift and ios app development, we ran into quite a few obstacles: -Figuring out that we needed to add different sized images to an image set for each graphic we wanted -Learning how to connect a button to a URL -Creating multiple ViewControllers -Attempting to make Push Notifications -Utilizing a timer to create a slideshow on the main page -Learning how to use Firebase -Connecting frontend to backend

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-We are really impressed with how far we have come in learning to code in swift within the ios app environment for the limited time we had. We ran into a lot of challenges, yet we persisted and overcame most of the issues. Even though we did not finish the app completely, we thought of many more great ideas along the way. In essence, we're proud of creating our first app and surviving our first hackathon.

What we learned

-We learned a lot about using the Interface Builder in the IOS app environment. We picked up a few googling skills and gained a lot of patience.

What's next for pricedrop

-We hope to allow users to buy products at a more affordable price in a convenient manner, while still enjoying the products they love.

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