This Idea is submitted by DCO and it is Price tracking system. Price tracking system is basically to control the price manipulation in the market. Price manipulation we mean that government issues the price list of commodities while it is not followed by the markets. So for the solution of this problem, we have created a web application. The main purpose of this application is transparency and efficient price monitoring. How this web app works, the price list will be displayed on the website which is issued by the government so that people could know all the rates on it. If in the market citizens face the problem of over price charge they can report it online on our website and it will be available in real time at our website. It will also be displayed in the map highlighted where the issue is more & Government can also take initiative and respond to the issue to specific market. And News will be continuously displayed there on the website in which every citizen can see the response which will help more involvement of citizen when they know the credibility and effectiveness of the website. Punjab Government also took initiative and launched SMS application in which you can text them at their number and they will send you the price details. You can complain to them at their toll free number, if citizen faces higher prices. This app is more private but our website is open for all and very transparent. Website will be helpful for citizens, government authorities and media. Transparency will decrease the manipulation as if someone knows that his shop will be displayed on the WEB he will be careful next time apart from this, Government can take action against the person by double checking it. Is this Sustainable? Trust, Credibility and Government Response will raise the involvement of general public so audience participation will gradually increase, Government response means addressing issue of the citizens as well as Government Ads.

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