There are several products and services in the market that nudge unsuspecting consumers into making expensive financial choices. Some of these practices include payday loans or car loans with high APR hiding behind low monthly payments.
This application provides consumers with simple to understand information relating to these financial decisions. For instance, it would request the consumer to ask the right questions (interest rate, duration of loan etc.). Once the consumer enters this information, the application provides charts and numbers showing the overall cost of the decision. Often times consumers are shocked to see how quickly their payday loan ballooned. This application would provide (and even alert) by providing the actual cost of the loan and help the consumer to make an educated decision.

In short this application intents to provide the real financial cost of various products and highlight the information often hidden in the fine print. Thereby allowing consumers to make responsible financial decisions and fulfill their financial obligations without defaulting.

This idea can be expanded to other fields like cash for gold services or any other service where information would enable individuals to make a wise financial choice.

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