PrezAI provides a quick, easy and efficient way to create powerful presentations real-time, using AI. This mitigates the hassle of shortening text content into concise points, finding images, as well as deciding what content to put on which slide. PrezAI will change the way we make presentations.

What it does

It is a web application that uses AI to generate google slides presentations in real time, using voice interactions. The users simply opens our app, enters a shareable google slides link, and starts speaking. Our NLP algorithms automatically segment this text into sentences, and summarize them into concise bullet points that are ideal for a great presentation. It then scrapes images relevant to the given text by first extracting keywords, and then using a search API. Lastly, it formats all this data and adds it into the slides. Users can also add content to the slides based on an input image of text, as well as raw text data. In this way, PrezAI makes creating presentations quick, easy and efficient.

How We built it

  • ReactJs for the front-end
  • Python + Google cloud serverless functions for the backend
  • Google slides API + oauth2 authentication for google slides integration
  • deepai text summarization API
  • Google Vision API + Base64 image encoding for OCR
  • Web Speech API for voice interactions
  • Bing search API for image scraping.
  • Google cloud app engine for hosting.
  • Figma for UI design.

Challenges We ran into

  • Oauth2 verification issues
  • getting serverless functions to work with everything
  • making the algorithms efficient enough for it to work in real-time
  • image scraping effectively
  • Sentence extraction from voice transcription

Accomplishments that We're proud of

  • Integrating everything to create a polished product
  • creating a clean and responsive UI
  • Getting the APIs to work
  • Getting everything hosted.
  • Integrating google vision with the front-end using base64 and REST API.

What I learned

  • How to use google slides API
  • Using google cloud app engine for hosting
  • Base64 image encoding and google vision API
  • ReactJs
  • Google cloud serverless functions.

What's next for PrezAI

  • Implementing automatic slide title generations
  • Improving summarization and slide formatting.
  • Adding automatic graph generation.
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