We created an android application that assists users in planning events, architecture, and displaying 3D models using only their mobile devices. We used Qualcomm's Vuforia api to accomplish this task.

Uses: preView's users are able to place a 3D model on an ImageMarker -- a piece of paper with defined features (ex. a picture of rocks). The model can be of anything the user chooses. For example, when planning events it is often difficult to visualize placement of tables, couches, concessions, etc. Instead of spending time setting up real objects and rearranging them, ImageMarkers can be positioned in place of their real world representations. A user can then walk around pointing their android device at the ImageMarkers to see whether they like the look, spacing, and overall layout of their plan.

With the assistance of an aerial system, such as a quadcopter, we can further optimize uses for our app. By attaching an android device loaded with preView to the aerial system, larger scale models can be viewed from above. This application is especially helpful for architectural planning of new buildings.

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