The problem we are addressing

In spite of having evidence-informed global and regional guidelines and protocols on pandemic preparedness, we are still defied by the managerial, political and public health challenges posed by the emergence of outbreaks. Thus, we believe that the major obstacles faced by national and EU-level health authorities can be addressed in a holistic and objective manner involving all relevant stakeholders.

The solution we are proposing

Therefore, our team is concerned with the transdisciplinary challenge of guiding the EU towards creating an action plan to transfer learnings after the COVID-19-crisis. Over the weekend, our team has developed an integrative guideline which facilitates the structured After-action review of the current EU-led pandemic responses. In doing so, we have focused on four particularly critical areas: Medical and Clinical Standards and Guidelines (1), Diagnostics (2), Research Collaboration (3) and Science Communication (4). For each of the four areas, we have outlined a rapid analysis of the current response within the EU/EEA, identified gaps and outlined recommendations and possible solutions for the respective stakeholders to consider.

The impact to and after the crisis

Applying a holistic approach towards the evaluation of the current pandemic response and the knowledge translation of key learnings, such as the herewith proposed, promises to have a sustainable and system-wide impact on an EU level, on EU member states’ pandemic preparedness and readiness concepts as well as an overarching impact on strengthening the health systems of EU member states’ and the coordination between those.

Resources and next steps

The further development of our proposed guideline requires mainly the expertise within several EU-level institutions and their rules of procedure as well as on the legislative processes regarding health, communication and data protection. These are listed in the linked guideline document. Political commitment and will to participate in a transparent review, key learnings’ identification and constructive development of a prospective action plan are vital.

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