The rising number of cases of domestic violence occurring due to social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak.

What it does:

A participative solution to provide support to people in need in our community :

  • Access to the social services ecosystem quickly, easily and safely through

  • A platform that offers emergency numbers/hotlines/shelters by canton and discussion forums with other victims/non-victims/experts

  • Possibility to access the platform through cooperation with established partners to allow a victim to seek for help outside home

The site is aimed to help :

  • Adult and young survivors: looking for help & guidance

  • Oppressors: looking for counselling

  • Witnesses: wanting to report incidences and gain access to resources

How we built it

We already started this project during the swiss Versus Virus hackathon two weeks ago. For this event we focused on trying to implement a new design while getting feedback from experts in the field and advancing the business plan with the help of the mentors.

Challenges we ran into

Trying to get the new version of the design up and running proved to be more challenging than we expected, which forced us to delay our plans. We were happy to find support to help us guide us through the many ideas we had, as it was difficult to see what we should focus our attention on.

Accomplishments that we are proud of:

The teamwork via zoom for a whole weekend and good synergy. Furthering our new design and a lot of feedback from people with different backgrounds. Getting fresh ideas while brainstorming during the weekend. Some functionnalities are now usable.

What we learned

Difficult times call for innovative measures, trust and empathy are as important as to provide information. We learned a lot about the infrastructure and the many hardships that come with creating a functionning site. We always learn by hacking. Many helpful advices were shared with us concerning how to pitch an idea and the importance of establishing a network.

What's next for Prevention of Domestic Violence We want to build a community around the platform, and cooperate with partners to provide direct help.

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