The inspiration for this project comes from the pandemic (Covid19) that we are facing right now. Every day, there are tons of cases on suicide and offensive incidents that have resulted in unhealthy lifestyles. The main cause of this - Loneliness. As such, my application aims to help connect the people to the outside world despite under lockdown and get to have a little chat with this little assistant. Because a small friend can help a person greatly.

What it does

It is a simple application that retrieves user queries that are related to Covid19. It acts as a friendly companion for the users and provides them with information that they want to know. Imagine having to google search everything related to the virus. This will open up many tabs, take up more ram and time, more webpages will be opened, and users have to keep moving around and typing again. With this application, all their questions will be answered within a simple chatbot.

How I built it

I built it by first utilizing to specify the intent and entities I need. I researched on the suitable deployment spaces and found Heroku to be a good choice. I used Git CLI to push changes and implement versions. Originally, I needed an online server to test my application, hence I used Ngrok. I managed to echo out my own messages using Facebook Messenger. When my application is working, I proceeded to migrate the entire application database to Heroku. This is when I start to output response(s) which I want the application to respond to the users.

Challenges I ran into

  • Finding a suitable deployment space for my work
  • Heroku ModuleNotFound error: No such module called 'Wit'
  • Server Issues

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the first project I have ever done with and Heroku. I am really proud of being able to echo my messages out and being able to provide responses to the queries that have been made by the users. I also managed to use Git and command prompt to push the updates as well.

What I learned

I really like to thank you Facebook AI for hosting this competition. I learnt that finding a good problem to solve takes time and developing the application takes even longer. I also learnt to research on the issues independently. is a really useful tool that I have learnt and I will definitely utilize it in the future.

What's next for PreventingCovid19Together

There will definitely be more coming! :) I will work on retrieving the links for the responses such as the links and high-level output that will answer most of the user queries without them leaving the website. Right now, what I did was only providing output without any real answers to their questions. I hope to be able to work on that and make it a viable solution.

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