I lost a close one to suicide, a case of depression, with this episode imprinted, I decided to write a e-psychiatrist, to help people, inform them and save lives, I discovered WoeBot, as I specialize in conversational A.I in healthcare and mental wellness, I use infotainment to market WoeBot for a just cause.

What it does

Evaluates your risk of committing suicide and provides help with WoeBot! and an entertaining and informative story.

How I built it

I used Twine2 , to compose the story and a text editor to create the story board and flow.

Challenges I ran into

None given 20 years of experience. SSL error do pop up , with security issues on the authenticity of the WiFi

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

WoeBot is one of the best e-psychiatrists based on decision trees, unfortunately it is not open source, many of my patients have used Woebot through their blues. And it is hoped that this Infotainment story reaches, anybody who needs it.

What I learned

An application of UI/UX using jQuery and JS through Twine2, proves my theoretical work that any UI/UX is possible through Twine2.

What's next for Preventing Suicide

Built With

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