Internet users, particularly women, are often sent unwanted NSFW imagery. I myself, have been sent a few unwanted sausages. Seeing this problem, I was inspired to fix this.

What it does

When receiving an image, this plugin immediately covers it. Then, if it deems the image sausage free, the cover will be removed. If an image is covered, and contains a sausage or other undesirable content, the tags for this image will be overlayed. The user can then optionally click an x button in the right hand corner of the cover, if they wish to view the image anyway. For instance, if someone such as their significant other sent them a sausage, they might wish to view that.

How we built it

Using mutation events in JavaScript we detected when chatboxes and messages appeared in the DOM, we then manipulated those to cover all images. Then it was a question of curating which images were allowed to be shown, using the Clarafai API.

Challenges we ran into

For very good reason, it is hard to run your own piece of JavaScript on, who knew aye? AWS. AWS. AWS.

Choosing a name that sponsors would like, alternative names include: Cock Blocker Escape from Pen Island Dicks Out 4 Harambe (where all sausages would be covered with Harambe)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I feel this is a very impact idea, with potential to really improve many people's browsing experience.

What we learned

I suck at front end web development, a lot of us do... but we pulled through and learned lots. It feels good. It's polished.

What's next for Prevent the Wurst

This could be deployed potentially, so making it a better integrated plugin, and available for more social media platforms - I'm coming for you MySpace

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