Research shows that text, images, and videos frequently seen on the web, news and social media can have a detrimental affect on ones mental health. The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs first suggestion for coping with PTSD when current affairs cause distress is to "consider limiting your exposure to news on television. While media coverage may draw you in, increased viewing can raise stress levels". However, we believe that the 5% of American citizens with PTSD and almost 1 in 4 people with a mental health disorder should not have to withdraw from the world. We therefore propose a solution that allows normal access and connection while prioritizing an individuals mental health.

What it does

We have built a chrome extension which blurs browser content based on the user's mental health disorder and potential triggering words. With the spectrum of mental health disorders and severity in mind, the extension allows for user customization so that a user can tailor what is and isn't blurred to their needs. Users can change the sensitivity level of the filter, the protection level, and add custom words that triggers them.

How we built it

The client side of the extension was built using javascript. Our server uses nodejs, express, and MongoDB. We also implement the Words API and Google Cloud Vision API to classify images and words.

Challenges we ran into

Narrowing down the time to filter images/text was difficult

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a functional product that we feel comfortable could work today and make a real impact.

What we learned

What's next for Preveil

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