We built Prevale as a fun mobile game to solve a discovery problem we had. When Charlie goes running --- even though he's a local --- oftentimes, he isn't aware cool places are nearby and what offers he's missing out on. Meanwhile, non-locals like Twain, wish there was an app that makes it easy to find hidden gems and to make friends in an alien city.

So we wondered, "What if Prevale could unveil gems as we roam freely and that lets local businesses set us on missions to find them with the help of friends and new people we meet? Earning Prevale points and rewards as we go."


Black Point Cafe on North Point and Larkin are currently using Belly for their customer loyalty system. They said Prevale sounds really useful and they'd "definitely trial it". The local producers at the farmers' market are also potential sign-ups as well as the joggers who cutting through the park and want to know more about cool local cafés and stores where they can refuel.


With Prevale, users (known as "Players") are out and about in a city scape. The app shows a blackened map which reveals a route as the Player moves, based on their current location and it records every journey. At any time during a route, the Player can request that Prevale shows them local businesses of interest by voice activation. Pins and navigation arrows drop down to help Players get to mission destinations.

If they go out of their traditional, previous routes to get there, they win Prevale points that go towards discounts with the local business and well as placing higher on the Leaderboards.

At the same time, local businesses (known as "Mission Meisters") can set Players different challenges to get them to pop in with offers, e.g.:

  • Cafe = first 10 people to arrive at a set time get a free coffee;

  • Fitness = if a Player goes an extra 5% number of steps to get to their mission destination, they earn Prevale points towards a free gym session or sports clothing;

  • Retailers = Players who share their routes passing the retailer to 10 friends on social media qualify for a 10% discount; and

  • Transport = a Player can use their Prevale points to call Lyft to the rescue during any part of their mission (e.g., go up to Twin Peaks). This means driving increased business to Lyft.

For missions of longer distances (e.g., go to Napa Valley) Prevale will let Players car-pool and rent a Honda hybrid car at discount.


PREVALE is a freemium product.

Players can upgrade their game avatars and buy virtual tools to get more tips+tricks from Prevale to navigate their spaces.

Mission Meisters are billed for Prevale's ability to route existing and new customers and footfall to them.

Over time, we'll also develop dedicated Prevale wearables for Players at competitive price points and do co-branding with Square and the local businesses that have NFC readers.

We have Google Adwords up on our site and will have advertising partnerships with travel providers.


"Prevale" is a word play on prevail and the vales of SF. On the Friday we had the idea, there was a foggy mist over Golden Gate bridge and Fort Mason, and discovery is a lot like unveiling mysteries.

We chose the color scheme for the aqua serenity of the sea and the tomato tones of the Golden Gate Bridge.


As a team, we believe in beautiful UX and magical integration for our users.


(1.) eCommerce store: upgradable avatars and other virtual goods for sale.

(2.) Prevale community development.

(3.) Treasure hunt created in partnership with local businesses.

(4.) Apple Watch version with vibrations and voice-activation to orientate Players in the direction of their mission destinations. These missions having no predefined end-points.

(5.) Integration with embedded systems whereby the Player gestures at the embedded device, e.g., Square NFC reader, when they arrive at a mission destination and this gesture unlocks a reward from the local business or Prevale points.

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