Everybody is entitled to have access to cheap health services and medication. However, prescription drugs can sometimes prove to be expensive. With all the generic drugs that are available out there this doesn't always have to be the case and we want to make everybody aware of the options that are available to him/her.

What it does

The scope of the application is to correctly inform patients about the equivalent prescription drugs that are available in order to help them save money.

Patients who have received an electronic prescription from their physicians will be able to search after the drugs that were prescribed to them inside our database and we will return the generic options that are available. The user will be informed about these options and will also receive information about the drugs that are subsidized by the Romanian government and the price difference that they have to pay on their own. The drugs returned will have the same active substance, concentration and form as the one on the prescription.

Patients are able to recreate the prescription with the drugs that they choose and will get a total of the amount that they have to pay.

How we built it

With a lot of passion and dedication :) And also with some Symfony 3 and Vue JS.

Challenges we ran into

The technologies used were new for everybody in the team so this was definitely a challenge. Also, adding the OCR functionality to the application proved to be more time consuming than we expected and it ended up pushing things really close to the deadline.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Dealing with new technologies was challenging but fun and we're proud of the fact that we took this risk and still were able to get the application in its current state.

What we learned

Some new technologies and I think our hacking planning skills have improved as well :)

What's next for Reteta La Control

Lots of things. The OCR text recognition can still be improved as well as the recommendation engine. The latter can be improved by adding additional lists with compensated drugs which were not available at this time.

Some other features that we look to add:

  • more subsidized prescription drugs,
  • option to save and print the drugs added to the prescriptions list,
  • recommendations for drugs with a lower concentration (this is allowed by the Romanian law),
  • bar code scanning for the prescription,
  • UI/UX tweaks.

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