Pressure Point Hack uses a collection of 15 pressure points to assist you in releasing stress and toxins to live a healthier lifestyle.

This Skill is Echo Show enabled.

DO NOT use this skill if you are pregnant or think you maybe pregnant. This skill is designed to release tension through the use of pressure specific points on the body.

Pressure Point Hack is not a substitute for professional medical care. If you have constant pain, please contact your physician immediately. These exercises will not harm you and only apply as much pressure as needed. The Chinese 5,000 years ago discovered that by pressing certain points on the body relieved pain and helped other parts of the body in the process. These points can release pain, and assist with the functioning of certain internal organs.

Below is a list of exercises featured in this skill:

  1. Hand Valley Point
  2. Base of Thumb Point
  3. Wrist Point
  4. Inner Gate Point
  5. Large Intestine Point
  6. Big Rushing Point
  7. Above Tears Point
  8. Kidney 1 Point
  9. Ankle Point
  10. Three Mile Point
  11. Commanding Middle Points
  12. Abdominal Sorrow Point
  13. Sea of Energy Point
  14. Third Eye Point
  15. Drilling Bamboo Points

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