We are turning the traditional publishing model upside down by enabling bloggers and journalists for the first time to publish articles based on actual demand from potential readers rather than gut feeling and backward-looking analytic data.

What it does

We do this by collecting relevant questions asked by actual people online and sorting these questions into niche categories. We then apply our super magic intelligence formula score, and in a matter of seconds, the best and most relevant content ideas from within your specific niche are presented.

How I built it

Built using the meteor framework it uses the parsehub api and mongodb database to store and update questions for realtime presentation.

Challenges I ran into

Web scraping proved tricky, especially emulating user behaviour. Setting up the amazon cloud servers and deploying our build.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Polished design. Very fast UI that reacts to user input.

What I learned

Primarily web scraping techniques and how you extract data from the web.

What's next for Pressint

Our very own web scraper built specifically for Pressint that can be exposed as an API. Opening up Pressint as a social platform with subscriptions to topics or specific keywords.

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