The Republican Debates...

What it does

This is a rhythm based game. You must hit one of three buttons when the white ball explodes over the republican elephant. There are three basic moves in this game (1) attack (2) defend (3) think (of new attack).

Your life bar is the red white and blue America Essence! that protrudes from you. When your America Essence! is depleted, you are dead (have lost the debate). The object of the game is to deplete your opponent’s American Essence! before they deplete yours. You are only allowed to make a move when the white question light explodes against the elephant. Your move will not register if you are out of time. (Your American Essence! is equivalent to 5 lives.)

When you start a game, you have no attacks planned. You must ‘think’ in order to load an attack. You may 'think' up to five times in a row, allowing you to attack five times without having to 'think' of new attacks. When you attack your opponent, they can defend themselves from your attack and they will not lose American Essence! and vice versa. If you and your opponent attack at the same time, you both lose health. If you are thinking while your opponents attack, only you will lose health. If your opponent is thinking while you attack, only they will lose health.

This is a two player game. Player one uses the 'j', 'k', and 'l' buttons while player two uses 'a', 's', and 'd'. The 'j' and 'a' buttons are the character's 'think'. The 'k' and 's' buttons attack. The 'l' and 'd' buttons block and the space button starts a new game.

How I built it

Using unity and c#

Challenges I ran into

Never using unity or c# before

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making a playable game

What I learned

Unity is fun, c# seems a lot like java

What's next for President Evil: Trumpocalypse

maybe i will add all 17 republican candidates and special features for all the candidates.

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