Lyle and I are both curious grad students who both love to think creatively to build great projects! The best thing about this particular project was pushing ourselves to design, build, and assemble everything completely from scratch. It was initially an innovative idea that we brought to life! We named it the CMF multi-functional microwave, where CFM stands for Comfort and Freedom of Motion.
To complete this build we used the Arduino 101 development board, a custom made peltier cooling device, and red LEDs to simulate a real microwave oven. Although we wanted to build microwave gun to further impress the judges, we thought a simulation would be okay because we didn't feel as though we needed to prove the operation of a microwave, but instead the concept. Plus we were concerned for our safety and others around us, using a magnetron is dangerous. But anyways, we want to give a big thank you to Intel Hacks for challenging us to create this build!

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