A Google Glass app that lets you control a presentation and provides a heads up display for the presenter.

Using Glass as the mission control center for your presentation will help simplify and streamline conferences and talks. No more need for a second projector or screen facing towards the speaker, no need for an external timer, no need for a dedicated physical remote.

Plus, by allowing you to practice for your presentation with the exact setup you'll be using on stage you'll be better prepared and less nervous when the big day comes.

Features include:

  • Navigate your presentation by swiping forward or backward on the Glass touchpad.
  • Mirror your display on Glass to eliminate the need for a separate screen for the presenter.
  • On-display timer to keep track of how long your presentation has gone.
  • Web-based mirror to demonstrate to others what your Glass display is showing.
  • Access to the raw images backing the HUD via Amazon S3.

How to control your presentation:

  • Swipe Forward - Go to next slide
  • Swipe Backwards - Go to previous slide
  • Two Finger Swipe Forward - Jump to end
  • Two Finger Swipe Backwards - Jump to beginning
  • Single Tap - Force refresh of screen mirrored image
  • Long Press - Reset Timer

If you have any suggestions or comments please send me a tweet @braddwyer

Source code, system requirements, and installation instructions are available on github at https://github.com/yeldarby/glass-presentation-remote

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