We realized that often times when a presenter presents, having to press the presentation clicker every time to change a slide can be very annoying and often breaks the flow of their presentation. Furthermore, Team Members have been to conferences that were poorly planned and not very organized.

What it does

Our AI software will use voice recognition technology combined with the use of artificial intelligence to detect which slide in a presentation, the presenter is talking about and automatically change it on the presentation. This allows the speaker to keep their flow without having to change the slides manually through a clicker. Furthermore, it can skip around slides, depending on which slide the speaker is talking about. For example, if the speaker is answering a question about a specific slide, the software can automatically go to the slide that the speaker is talking about. Furthermore, the presenter can add a demo into the program, and use their voice to go through the demo without manually having to do it on their computer using a mouse. For example, if they want to demo the filling of a form on a website, the program can detect keywords, and perform the demo, live.
  Additionally, we created a website to plan events in an easy and organized fashion, as we felt other planning websites were often too complicated and frustrating for users. 

How we built it

Using C#, we used artificial intelligence technology and voice recognition, to detect what the presenter is talking about. The AI then searches through our presentation to see which slide, the presenter is referring to and automatically switches directly to that slide on the power point.

We made the website from scratch in Html, CSS, and JavaScript. The 3-d animation of the wolf howling in our presentation was created using Maya.

Challenges we ran into

AI was recognizing false positives in its voice recognition, so we changed to a microphone that gathers less background noise, and calibrated it to recognize our voices better. Furthermore, we edited the keywords to ones that are easily recognizable.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build a fully functional AI software that can be really helpful for presenters, within 8 hours. Creating this project wasn't just amusing, but we were able to get to know each other better and learn how each of us works, to optimize the rate at which we work on the project. Each of our team members had a respective specialized skill that they were able to incorporate into the project, ranging from programming and web design to 3d animation.

What we learned

We learned how to use the Microsoft power point all to change the current slide, and how AI can be used in the C# programming language. Additionally, we were able to gain experience working officially as a team, which is how software developers work in real life, on the field. Furthermore, we learned how to create 3d animation efficiently and quickly using Maya.

What's next for Presentation AI and Plan Ahead (event planning site)

We plan to make voice recognition more adaptive and open-source our project to help the community out and make presentations better for everyone. We plan to expand the website and incorporate more large-scale event planning features into the website. Afterward, we will be able to monetize and advertise our website, which will start off as a loss for us, but as users realize how useful our website is, the number of users will start going up exponentially, and will eventually flip to a profit. Furthermore, we plan to partner with venues, caterers, and decoration services, that we will recommend to the user when they are creating the event, and allow them to use these venues, and caterers directly from our website. which will result in us receiving a commission.

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