Presenting a hack as a developer is clunky. You step up on stage, talk a bit, then fumble over to localhost to demo your app, or pull out your phone and start fiddling with it to get to your app, or send a command to your robot


No more! Thanks to presentahack, the presentation tool for hackers! Presentahack allows developers to preprogramme a route throw the presentation, think of ppt but with not limitations on what you can do! Open a powerpoint? Sure! Go to a URL so you can show us some live data. Why not? Navigate through your webapp without touching the mouse of clicking around? Exactly.

Presentahack takes input from a Leap motion controller and would've been made to work with Myos but theyre not linux friendly :(


Hack number 2

BUT! Presentahack turned out to be super simple to build. So I spent the rest of the weekend building an online app store

Problem 2

  • It's meant for programmers in developing countries who can't afford the fees of normal app stores.
  • Or hobbyist developers who dont want to pay the fees
  • And the developers of the future who are going to be building cross platform applications with cuttng edge technologies. We don't built apps specific to platforms, like microsoft office for windows and open office for linux, doesn't make sense holding onto that antiquadated distribution model.

Solution 2

An app store built by hackers for hackers, presented with a presentation tool built for hackers! Metahack. Built with react, and can be easily wrapped in phonegap for mobile distribution and node-webkit for desktop distribution.

Built With

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