As society becomes more connected, our social lives can be quite embarrassing, even unprofessional. An easy way to remove, or make private, these pictures is what we need.

What it does

The web app uses Clarifai's deep learning api and Facebook's api to search your photos for any unprofessional photos. By laying out these photos on a table, it aims to make you more presentable... Presenting PresenTable... oh my god...

How We built it

We divided the work amongst the three of us according to our strengths. The front end was built using angularJS, javascript, node.js, and html. The back end was taken care of by the api's.???? Right???

Challenges We Ran Into

Figuring out how to use Clarifai's and Facebook's api's was tough but rewarding. Two of our members had only begun learning how to code in HTML and Javascript at this hackathon. Self-motivation was key to our success. We also had soda spill onto one of our member's laptop. Some bickering here and there. But the biggest challenge, for any developer, was debugging... Debugging everywhere.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

Working together as a cohesive team. Teaching ourselves new languages. Encouraging each other and helping each other fix our work.

What We Learned

We learned two new languages, html and javascript, Heroku, Clarifai and Facebook's API, and how to forgive another teammate for spilling their drink on a 3-day old new Surface Book.

What's next for PresenTable

Increasing the number of pictures that are scanned

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