Holiday season, birthday season, special events, and more. You’re always going to have to buy presents for your peers and oftentimes get stuck choosing them. You frequently feel pressured to put your best foot forward and give a great gift, or giving a gift the gift-receiver hasn’t received yet. Hence, it would benefit us all if we had something that would give us a boost to where to look for.

What it does

Suggests gifts for the user to buy on amazon (due to quarantine we thought it was the best fit) based on the checklist form answers and an image of a present the user is thinking of. It also gives a score to the user, describing how well the chosen present image fits with the gift receiver's interests.

How we built it

  • Google Vision AI- used this API to analyze the image, find its corresponding labels, and used those labels to compare with the gift receiver's interests.
  • Apify: To crawl amazon's product search pages and store the relevant information in JSON files.
  • NodeJS: hosting the site, async shell commands, and much more for our backend.
  • HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT: content/styling/functionality.

Challenges we ran into

  • Having consistent CSS as we were all tweaking it throughout the day
  • Figuring out how to use Apify for the first time and crawl the pages
  • Using the results from Google’s vision AI and creating an algorithm to decide a “worthiness” score
  • Solving merge conflicts!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some accomplishments we made during this 24-hour hackathon include:

  • Deciding on an idea within the first hour and splitting up tasks soon after
  • Collaborating across different time-zones and countries.
  • Finishing the two main features we wanted to add in under 24 hours!

What we learned

Some new technologies for us included Google vision API and the Apify SDK. We had a great time exploring these, as well as improving our skills in Node!

What's next for Present Worthy

In the future, we hope to add a search bar for the generated amazon results, so the user can filter them even easier, a subscription-based newsletter, a more sophisticated "worthiness" function, and more personalized options on our form.

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