The television was one of the first great platforms of the information revolution; it quickly found itself a staple of the modern household. Now, the revolution has continued, providing upheaval in every field. Traditional classrooms are changing, with internet and media providers such as YouTube swiftly becoming our most powerful educational tools. Therefore, it made sense for us to bring education to the next platform. We believe that the Oculus Rift provides the greatest immersion possible of the technology that exists today.

Present.VR is a tool that makes it easy for teachers to create, share, and use interactive, 3D educational environments. Our website acts as a hub for a potential community to create and share presentations. Presenters can design and distribute their work with our online webapp, allowing viewers to simply enter the project name to view it in the Oculus app. This will allow students to be able to learn more, faster and better than ever before.

Our app also integrates Myo, one of the best VR tools available, allowing users to interact with the virtual world. Not only can they use gestures to navigate the presentation, but they can also grab ahold of models and rotate them in 3D.

We used numerous technologies to bring our product to life. We have our website built on Bluemix, the Oculus app built in Unity3D, Myo integration using the Unity Plugin, and a MongoDB instance storing and serving the presentation files.

Come see the software that your kids will be complaining about in 24 years!

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