With the recent outcomes of certain elections all around the world being criticised and blamed on misinformation and a general lack of criticism of sources, we set out to make it more convenient to fact check.

What it does

Finds the same, and similar news articles from a diverse set of news outlets to provide the full picture. It is easy to believe everything that is written by news organisations these days. If you think about it, making a Google search for a news story to make sure it is real and not biased is a pretty easy task. But for some reason people do not take the time to second guess what they read online. We set out with the goal to make it easy for people to get different sources for particular news articles by cutting out a few steps from the process. By creating an extension for the Chrome browser, Presens makes it easy and fast to get a second opinion of a story read online. It is basically just a click away. Presens also provides an overview of what the collective sentiment of online discussions regarding the topic by looking at Twitter data.

How we built it

We built it as a browser extension to be close to the content and to cut out as many steps to the current process of fact checking, etc. The extension was built for Chrome. It uses a few different API:s to fetch news stories and to make sentiment analysis of hot topics.

Challenges we ran into

Being under time pressure we had to take a few shortcuts regarding the infrastructure.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to deliver a working chrome extensions that empowers people to have an open mind while reading news online.

What's next for Presens

The chrome extension will be available in the Chrome Web Store in the upcoming days.

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