Transit expenses form a big part of a person's monthly expense. Toronto has the 5th most expensive transit pass in the world which lead to transit costs forming a big part of a person's expense. Making an informed decision about buying a pass requires a lot of time and is a manual time-consuming process.

What it does

Pres.TO helps you get the most out of your transit pass by providing trip information, total cost, and potentials savings/waste based on your transit activity.

How we built it

Python, Azure, Flask, javascript

Challenges we ran into

Working with Azure for the very first time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we were able to accomplish in a very short amount of time

What we learned


What's next for Pres.TO

Expand it to other transit systems and integrate with their APIs (if available) Provide localized recommendations Provide special offers for riders along their commute

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