What is PrepToon? PrepToon is a web application that brings Math concepts to life! It is a collection of visually rich 3D and 2D animations followed by questions and answers. The animations show real world scenarios where Math needs to be used to solve a problem. Animations are tagged with the relevant Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This makes it easy for teachers to filter by CCSS and use PrepToon in classrooms.

Why PrepToon? One of the key problems facing Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education is that students are not adequately prepared and are not inspired to learn STEM subjects. Children today spend 70% of their time in front of electronic media, consuming visually rich information and as a result they are increasingly bored to learn from traditional means. For 21st century learners, there needs to be a solution that engages and inspires them to learn. To solve these problems, PrepToon focuses on two aspects to motivate students to learn Math. One, it shows how Math is relevant in every day life in order to maximize long-term retention of concepts. Secondly, through rich animations, we leverage the power of visual learning and deliver content that is engaging.

Whom does it help? PrepToon was initially designed as a supplementary Math practice tool for middle school students. However while testing with teachers, we found that teachers loved using it in class as bell ringers to introduce a topic or review the previous day’s lessons. We also believe that PrepToon will appeal to students with learning difficulties and those in afterschool programs due to its high engagement factor and ease of use.

To sum it up, rich animations, real world problems, questions designed by experts to maximize long term retention of concepts, and alignment to common core standard all together makes PrepToon a really valuable tool in the hands of teachers and students.

What teachers are saying about PrepToon: "You have done something very creative and unique with your preptoons idea! My students loved this problem and was begging to watch more math movies everyday since I showed them the movie. Please post more movies!

"Really fantastic animated video introducing a story problem about ratio/proportion. I think any class studying this topic would find this a very motivating starting point for a math lesson!"

“So much fun, while learning. They won't know what hit them!”

“Very cool, the fact that the kids can see the measurements rather than read about them on a worksheet will do wonders for understanding the concept!”

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