Studying word meanings for GRE can be a nightmare for aspiring graduate students. What better way to remember them than have them pop up every once in a while on your wrist?

Makes your Pebble watch notify you every once in a while with a new word. Hit a button and get the definition of the word instantly.

The CloudPebble SDK and developer support docs are awesome! We did the entire development on the cloud without any prior experience with Pebble.

It actually looks somewhat polished. I never usually get to that stage in hackathon projects.

Pebble is awesome! Seriously, I actually bought a Pebble Time during this hackathon.

I would like to extend it to other content that can be learnt in the style of flash cards. Language learning tools maybe? I would also like to make the app a little more visually appealing. Maybe put in a picture or small animation.

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