We have initially started the project with a concept of an open-to-use crypto gather platform and soon we realized that there is no project out there that can create a fundraising pool without developer or project manager permission. So, we are working on a permission-less crypto gather platform with built-in disperse mechanism.

What it does

Premium Block is a multi-chain open-to-use crypto gather platform that allows users to create a pool with or without KYC and disperse cryptocurrencies within the pool addresses. Premium Block utility extends to launchpad, multiplayer board game with NFT collectibles, and open-world metaverse game.

How we built it

Angular JS, Node JS, Unity 3D WebGL, and Web3

Challenges we ran into

The tricky part is putting all mechanisms into one place like gathering crypto and calculating the participants and distributing to the participants. As per multiplayer board game, the challenging part is match-making and finding live players to engage in a live match which is easy to solve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have almost finished our POOL product by integrating 5 networks for multi-chain purposes and the final stage of work is going on. We have successfully developed FCFS staking and HODL staking and are fully functional.

What we learned

There is more development space available in this blockchain space. We are planning to expand the project with a multiplayer board game and open-world metaverse game and are also interested to adopt future models.

What's next for Premium Block

We are currently on the corner of finishing the open-to-use multi-chain pool section and then planning to start the GameFi and open-world metaverse game.

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