Family health and wellness is the most important thing in our life. One of memorable time in our live is when your wife, sister or daughter is pregnant. Pregnancy journey is hard and at the same time beautiful. My wife was spending a lot of time searching and collecting information about what she must do, what she must not to do, what is useful for the baby and what is not. I want to help her so I implement this skill

What it does

This skill gather a lot of information and tips from many websites who are concerned with the pregnant women. So every time the pregnant woman visit this skill it will get a new advise, tip or information based on which week she are in now. Even in the same week, each time she use the skill, she will get something new. She can use this skill starting from week 1 till the birth.

What's next for Pregnancy Journey

After the birth new journey started. It is the baby journey. Caring of the baby, what to expect from him, what should you do for him, what & when he will eat, what he cloth he needs. It is another interesting journey

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