Today, using the presentation for a variety of purposes is increasingly important.

Remote controller and presenter applications which are executed on smart phone are used widely for convenience and effectiveness. However, the presenter application is hard to use. That's because the usability is poor.

Before the PreGear, if you want to use presenter application, you would have to know about IP address, port number, network knowledge, firewall and so on.

However with PreGear you can use Presenter without the knowledge about computer. Just visit our site ( and upload your PPT file. Then input the code on your smart phone which is shown the site.

That's all! Now, just enjoy your presentation.

How to use?

PreGear is easiest ever. Let's following these steps.

Step 1, visit our site ( And click the Start button.

enter image description here

Step 2, Select the file that you want to present.

enter image description here

Step 3, When upload is completed, you can show 8digits code.

enter image description here

Step 4, Just put the code on your PreGear application and press START PREGEAR!.

enter image description here

Step 5, Run the Gear2 PreGear application and press Touch here to Connect.

enter image description here

That's all!

1. Presentation Viewer

If the connection is established, you can share the presentation on your Gear2 and Mobile.
When you swipe the page which is shown, you can go to next or previous page. As you think, you can go another page that you want by using preview.

PC, Gear2 and Smartphone

Also, presentation Time and scripts are provided

enter image description here

Slide Timeline offers you to move specific pages. You can search slides by Slide Timeline menu Left or Right swipe motions are available, and thumbnail of center position will be shown in main view with the page number. If you touch the Move button, you can go to the page.

enter image description here

2. Mouse

You can control your PC mouse by using your Gear2 and smart phone. The mouse pointer will be moved when you touch the Gear2 or smart phone. Just enjoy browsing without going to near the PC.

Mouse control by using Gear2 and mobile

3. Keyboard

You can control your PC keyboard by using your Gear2 and smart phone. It is enough to control the PC keyboard. Just input the text on your smart phone and click the send button.

enter image description here

4. Shortcut

In addition, you can use shortcut. For example, Enter, Esc, PageUp, PageDown, Alt+Tab, Shift+F5 and F5 keys are available. It will help you to send the shortcut events to your PC.

enter image description here

Future direction

  • PreGear will provide special function on Gear2.
    • The person who present can easily adjusts the presentation speed by Gear2. If the speed is fast or slow, Gear2 will be vibrating and showing the alert message on the display. It can be operated by "Rehearsal" option. User can save the time of previous presentations. So user can recognize the quickness of presentation.
    • This function will provide until August. PreGear will expand its functions continuously.

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